Umeda・Sonezaki Guardian Gods Tsuyu no Tenjinja (Commonly Known as Ohatsu Tenjin)

恋人の聖地 恋のおまいり

The Story of Ohatsu and Tokubei

The Story of Ohatsu and Tokubei

  1. Tokubei who was an employee of a Soy Sauce Merchant and Ohatsu, a prostitute, were in love. The story begins when Tokubei and Ohatsu meet after a while by chance at the Shrine of Ikutamajinja. Ohatsu was angry with Tokubei as he does not contact her for a while. However Tokubei explains that whilst they could not meet because of a big trouble that occurred to him.
  2. Tokubei was apprenticed at his uncle’s shop. By working hard and earnestly he earned the trust of the Shop master. There came talks of Tokubei marrying the Shop Master’s niece and opening a shop of his own.
    Tokubei who was courting Ohatsu refused the offer of marrying the niece. However unknown to Tokubei, the Uncle made a betrothal gift to Tokubei’s stepmother. The Uncle got very angry with Tokubei’s refusal and finally disowned him.
    Not only did the Uncle disown Tokubei, but he also told him that he would never let him do business, to move out of Osaka and to pay within 7 days clothes that were paid on credit.
    Tokubei finally was able to retrieve the money from his stepmother, but lent the money to a friend, Kyuheiji who promised to give back the money within three days.
  3. Kyuheiji appears in front of Ohatsu and Tokubei.
    At the same time a customer fearing Ohatsu becoming involved in an argument takes her away.
    Tokubei demands payment back from Kyuheiji.
    However even though there was a signed deed, Kyuheiji says that he does not know about any debt, calls Tokubei a fraud and beats him.
    Even though Tokubei was betrayed by a friend who was like a brother to him, Tokubei’s only action to gain his honor was to commit suicide.
  4. Tokubie was prepared to meet his fate and visits Ohatsu in secret.
    Ohatsu fearing that Tokubei would be found hides him under the floor.
    Kyuheiji visits with a guest to Ohatsu and makes deragotory remarks about Tokubei.
    Tokubei hearing the remarks from his supposedly friend, gets very angry and tells Ohatsu about being prepared to commit suicide.
    In midnight, Tokubei takes Ohatsu’s hand and goes to the forest of Tsuyu no Tenjinja.
    After tying each other to a pine tree and after making sure of each other’s will, Tokubei kills Ohatsu with a short sword and then takes his own life.
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Ohatsu Tenjin(Tsuyu no Tenjinja)

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